Häffner-BikeTeam successful at the Cyclassics 2022

On the weekend of August 19-20, 2022, it was time for the Häffner-BikeTeam to travel to this year’s Cyclassics. The cycling race traditionally takes place in Hamburg and now, after a break due to corona, the team was once again busy pedaling.

This year’s Häffner-BikeTeam consisted of eight riders with different previous experience in cycling. However, the Cyclassics were not “new territory” for the participants. The BikeTeam had already achieved good results and personal bests in previous races. Since 1996, the Bemer Cyclassics cycling festival has been one of the most popular racing events in the sports scene. For amateurs as well as for cycling veterans, there is a suitable competition for every demand. Most of our participants rode the 60km distance, one colleague even dared to ride the 100km distance. All cyclists reached the finish line safely and had a lot of fun at the event.