Group member REC53 implements successful cooperation with REMONDIS SAVA

Häffner Group member REC53, in close cooperation with Remondis subsidiary SAVA, has enabled the opening of an iodine recovery plant in Brunsbüttel. Read why this is so important for the circular economy in this article.

Iodine is a vulnerable element used in various industries, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries. However, traditional iodine extraction is often associated with environmental impacts and requires mining of naturally occurring resources. Therefore, a sustainable form of recovery is crucial to reduce environmental impact. The innovative process, which allows iodine to be extracted from flue gases, was developed by REC53, a joint venture between Häffner and Bittner Umwelttechnik GmbH, and was recently put into operation after a year of testing in a pilot plant.

Iod-Recyclinganlage in Brunsbüttel von REMONDIS SAVA und REC53

Until now, the iodine has been stored bound in fine filter dust in an underground landfill. The new plant now makes it possible to concentrate the iodine and return it to the production cycle of the chemical industry. As this valuable raw material does not have any sources in Europe and, therefore, always has to be imported at great expense from abroad, this recovery process means that at least part of the iodine can be returned to the circular-flow economy.

The iodine concentrate produced by REMONDIS SAVA is processed by REC53 at its site in Marbach am Neckar to produce various iodine products. The finished products are then used, above all, in the chemical industry.

Iod-Recyclinganlage in Brunsbüttel von REMONDIS SAVA und REC53
REC53’s cooperation with Remondis SAVA has not only brought to light a highly innovative process, but also clearly shows that research and development is always important in order to further develop the circular economy and to jointly shape a sustainable future.