Information on the Biocides Regulation (EU) #528/2012 from May 22nd 2012

The Biocides Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) #528/2012) regulates the placing on the market and the usage of biocidal products which are used for the protection of people, animals, materials or products against harmful organisms such as pests or bacteria based on their active substances.

Concerning this Biocides Regulation (EU) #528/2012 we would like to give you a short overview so you know what a biocode is and also what major groups of biocides exist.

What is biocide?

Biocides are substances and products which fight off pests and infestations such as insects, mice, rats but also algae, fungi or bacteria. Biocides are applied in many areas of the private or professional life, for example as antibacterial cleaning products or disinfectants, wood preservatives to mosquito spray or ant killers. In everyday life we use biocides for various purposes: to get rid of mold in houses or flats, to protect food from moths and beetles or to fight off woodworms in building materials.

Major groups


These product types include no cleaning products where a biocidal effect is not intended; this is also the case for washing liquids, washing powder and similar products.

PA1: human hygiene
PA2: disinfectant and algae control products
PA3: Hygiene in the veterinary field
PA4: food and animal feed
PA5: drinking water

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