Häffner is a medium-sized family business rich in tradition

„We are striving for the optimum, not for minimum solutions and simple performance of duty”



Long-standing industry know-how and qualified employees make us a competent partner when it comes to chemistry for our customers and suppliers. Reliability and flexibility are our distinguishing marks. As a specialist for the sale and distribution of chemical raw materials we offer our customers and suppliers the safest and most effective channel and our employees an attractive workplace. We guarantee our customers consistent quality at the highest level and a high level of flexibility.

The Häffner group has a strong reputation to be a pioneer concerning safety of humans and the environment. Our goal is not only to meet the legal provisions and regulations but to surpass them.

We have consistently followed this high goal we have set ourselves and we will keep working at it relentlessly in the future. Häffner has driven the Responsible Care Pogram in the German Association of Chemical Trade and has been certified as one of the first companies. The Responsible Care initiative stands for the continuous improvement of health protection, environmental protection and safety in companies. It is an important contribution to sustainability.


Guidelines of chemical trade (VCH)



Gleichstellung, Gleichbehandlung und Diversität betrachten wir bei Häffner als selbstverständlich. Daher halten wir die einschlägigen gesetzlichen Anforderungen ein und verpflichten uns zur Integrität in der Unternehmensführung beim Umgang mit Kunden, Lieferanten und Mitbewerbern, sowie gegenüber Angestellten und der Öffentlichkeit.

Häffner hat die Ethik- und Geschäftsprinzipien der FECC (The Association of Chemical Distributors) unterzeichnet.

At Häffner, we regard equality, equal treatment and diversity as a matter of course. We therefore comply with the relevant legal requirements and are committed to integrity in corporate governance in our dealings with customers, suppliers and competitors, as well as with employees and the public.

Häffner has signed the Ethical and Business Principles of FECC (The Association of Chemical Distributors).

The Ethical and Business Principles are a voluntary initiative of the signatory companies, expressing their commitment to uphold these ethical principles of business conduct. The companies undertake to comply consistently with the relevant laws, guidelines and regulations, both in spirit and in letter.