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Dipropyleneglycolmonopropyl ether, also known as DPnP, offers a number of advantages due to its properties in various areas of application. Whether in the printing industry, as a plasticiser for plastics and polymers or as an effective surface tension reducer. We can supply you with DPnP with its own REACH authorisation – get advice now! Meet us at Chemspec Europe 2024!

DPnP - The all-rounder

Printing industry

In the printing industry, DPnP is used as a solvent for inks and paints.

It helps to improve the flow properties of the inks and ensure even distribution on the printing substrate.

Cleaning agents

Due to its good solvent properties, DPnP is used in cleaning agents and degreasers.

It can effectively dissolve and remove oil, grease and other contaminants.

Plastics & Polymers

DPnP serves as a plasticizer for various plastics and polymer products. It helps to improve the flexibility, elasticity and processability of plastics, particularly in the manufacture of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) products.

Other industries

DPnP is moderately soluble in water and yet an effective surface tension reducer. It helps to control the viscosity of formulations and ensure uniform distribution of pigments. It also improves the adhesion and drying properties of paints and varnishes.


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Solvent capability

DPnP is a versatile solvent that is used in various industries such as paints, varnishes, coatings and cleaning agents.

Low volatility

DPnP has a low evaporation rate, which makes it particularly suitable for applications that require slow evaporation, such as printing inks and adhesives.

High stability

DPnP is chemically stable and does not react easily with other substances, which facilitates its use in many industrial processes.

Low toxicity

Compared to some other solvents, the product DPnP has a lower health risk for users in various specialist areas.

Good solubility

DPnP dissolves many organic compounds quickly and easily, making it a useful aid in chemical synthesis and formulation.

Clean and safe

DPnP is often used in cleaning agents due to its properties. It effectively removes fats, oils and other impurities.

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