For the environment: Häffner supports reforestation of Hessian forests

In our industry in particular, it is often especially difficult to be viewed from the outside without prejudice when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. At Häffner, we are therefore committed to environmental projects and their promotion as well as the sale of green alternatives, step by step.

Therefore, as a new partner of the Planet Tree initiative, we are pleased to announce that we are supporting the Hessian forest by planting new trees. The campaign was driven forward at this year’s Chemspec Europe in Frankfurt by numerous trade fair visitors “tapping” delicious soft drinks at the stand. For each liter, Häffner donates one new tree seedling for the forests of Hessia.

Since 2020, the Schnee family has been committed to reforesting German forests. Through cooperation with local forestry offices, hundreds of new trees have already been planted and cultivated in Hessia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

As a company in the chemical industry, one is often not associated with environmental protection and the promotion of green projects. For this very reason, Häffner has made it its business to stand up for projects like Planet Tree and the distribution of green alternatives, step by step. Here, our subsidiary GB Chemie is setting an example in terms of sustainability, for example with the green solvent alternative TamiSolve® NxG. The product is biodegradable and can be used as an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to NMP, NEP and DMAC and other dipolar solvents. Work is always underway to expand the green product range and offer new, environmentally friendly alternatives.

Back to the Hessian forest – not far from the city of Hanau – and our tree seedlings. With the help of the trade fair campaign at Chemspec Europe, a total of 120 new trees were planted. The trees are still delicate plants, but one day they will stretch their canopies far and wide.

On our partner profile at Planet Tree, in addition to the official certificate of our tree donation, you can even find the exact coordinates and learn where the new trees were planted. The next time you visit the Hessian forest, you can find the “Häffner trees” in a forest covering a total of 14,000 hectares. Situated between Vogelsberg and Spessart, the forestry office manages the forest area there according to ecological and sustainable principles. We are pleased to be able to support such an initiative.

Pictures: © Planet Tree