Cool headed against the coronavirus! Our measures for your safety!

Press reports on the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are omnipresent. To protect our employees, suppliers, customers and partners, we at Häffner have developed and already implemented an action plan. This serves to do our part in preventing further expansion and still being able to offer you as a customer the accustomed service as far as possible.

“For us, in addition to maintaining production, the protection of employees and business partners is particularly important! In this special situation, it is important to keep a cool head and to keep the risk of infection as low as possible through targeted measures. At the same time, in case of infection of individual employees or suspicion of infection, the continuation of business operations must be made possible. To this end, we have developed and implemented a corresponding emergency plan,” says Thomas Dassler, Managing Director of the Häffner GmbH & Co. KG. A small extract from our action plan:

  • Wherever possible, work will be done from the home office.
  • If a home office assignment is not possible or does not make sense, a spatial separation of the employees on site must be maintained.
  • On site disinfection of doors, handles, handrails and other surfaces is carried out and documented several times a day.
  • Suppliers and visitors must disinfect themselves before entering the premises and are only granted access if they have had no (deliberate) contact with persons from the risk areas specified by the RKI or if they have not been there themselves within the last 14 days and do not show the corresponding symptoms.
  • In production, we switched to a 2-shift model as far as possible in order to rectify or prevent personal contact here as well and thus always have a second team ready for action.
  • A general minimum distance to other persons of 1.5 metres has to be kept
  • Our drivers are equipped with protective masks and disinfectants and are also required to regularly clean their hands with disinfectant before and after each loading and unloading operation, if it is not possible to wash their hands on site
  • When loading external vehicles, personal contact is also reduced to a minimum

By these and further measures Häffner tries to keep the risk of infection for customers, suppliers and employees and their families as low as possible. At the same time, the rectification of local workplaces and the use of home office workplaces improve the chance of maintaining business operations, if worst comes to worst. The measures are regularly reviewed and, where necessary, updated by the internal crisis unit set up for this purpose.

Of course, supply bottlenecks due to delayed replenishment in individual product areas (especially ethanol, isopropanol) cannot be ruled out in the current situation. But Häffner is doing everything in its power to ensure that these areas are also replenished as quickly as possible.