Safely through the summertime thanks to COVID-19 layman quick tests

The Corona pandemic still has us firmly in its grip and especially during the vacation and vacation season it is particularly important to protect yourself and your loved ones. The use of Covid-19 lay self-testing is still a good and safe complement to testing procedures in so-called “rapid testing centers”.

Correct performance is necessary for an unambiguous test result. The layman’s rapid test is self-explanatory and can be performed quickly with a nasal swab. Due to the simple handling of the test, children or persons in need of help and care can also be helped to perform the test.

Rapid test donation for Markgröningen schools

In order to combat the spread of the Covid 19 virus itself in a private, business or school context, Häffner GmbH & Co KG relies, among other things, on close cooperation with the surrounding communities. For example, Mayor Rudolf Kürner and Head of Department Frank Blessing of the town of Markgröningen recently received a donation of 5,000 Covid layman’s rapid tests, handed over by Sales Manager Florian Grandel and Tamara Guiliano from the Häffner GmbH & Co KG sales team. The self-tests are intended by the city mainly for schools to conduct regular testing after the summer vacations and curb rapid spread of the Covid 19 virus. The vacation season, as well as the designation of some high-risk areas as popular vacation destinations, makes self-testing through lay rapid testing especially important. “We are pleased with the donation of the layperson rapid tests and are very grateful to the Häffner company,” said Mayor Rudolf Kürner.

Donation of Covid 19 rapid test

Spende von Covid-19-Schnelltest

(from left to right: Mayor Rudolf Kürner, Mrs. Tamara Giuliano, Mr. Florian Grandel, Mr. Frank Blessing)

Häffner GmbH & Co KG is committed to supporting local communities and institutions. Especially in the current times it is important to stick together to put an end to the pandemic as soon as possible. Therefore, the support of local institutions, especially schools, is extremely important. We are pleased to have supported the city of Markgröningen and especially its schools with this donation. Thus, an additional safeguard through specially conducted rapid tests is once again given in the fight against the Corona virus.

Information about rapid test application

The lay self-tests are available to users for self-testing according to §11 Abs. 1 MPG. Here you can find additional information about the tests as well as their application and go directly to the order form.

Office and company premises must also be protected against transmission of the Covid 19 virus. Read our free whitepaper, “Performing COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests Yourself in the Company,” to learn how you too can protect your colleagues and employees by performing Poc antigen rapid tests. Ensure not only the health of your workforce and their families, but also operational planning security.