What is water chemistry? Why do you need water chemistry?

Water chemistry or “hydrochemistry” is a sub-discipline of chemistry and deals primarily with the quality and composition of water. Different places and areas can benefit from this. Our customers include waterworks for drinking and process water, sewage treatment plants (waste water), operators of drinking water recycling plants and many more. Water can be analysed and optimised by water chemistry. Hydrochemistry thus makes an important contribution to the health of all of us and enables plant operators to provide a hygienic and comfortable water system for the population.

Häffner offers among other things to the operators of waterworks, sewage plants and many other companies from the water industry and related branches, a large spectrum of storing chemical products. We supply these to our customers according to demand in quantity, quality, date and packing. It is therefore possible to order small and large batches from us – and this packed or even in tankers. In addition, we also offer biocidal active ingredients and even final biocidal products for end use.

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