What are food additives? What are food additives used for?

Food additives are compounds that enable the food industry to regulate certain properties of a foodstuff in such a way that it optimally meets the wishes of the customer in terms of structure, smell, taste, colour, etc. In addition, food additives can also positively influence the shelf life of products and also contribute to stabilisation and smooth production. Other areas of application are for example in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, flavorings are often added in order to make it more convenient for the patient to take medication.

Häffner supplies a multiplicity of extremely high-quality food additives to the food and pharmaceutical industry. Among these are many phosphate compounds, ammoium chloride and acids. Here we offer most different quality levels for different fields of application, among them also for the production of “Kosher” or “Bio” and “Halal” products.

In our fully automated high-bay warehouse with oxygen reduction system, all processes are designed according to HACCP guidelines. Thus we can guarantee highest safety in handling the products e.g. by separate storage and retrieval locks.

As usual, we offer our customers the possibility to purchase small and large quantities from us according to their needs. Furthermore, we are “Selected Distribution Partner” of BASF SE (Ludwigshafen) for sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate in the range of purchase quantities up to 20t. .

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