What are coolants and lubricants and what  are they needed for?

Coolants and lubricants are required in production engineering, for example, for cutting and forming on machine tools. They serve to dissipate heat or to avoid friction between tool and material (lubrication). Coolants and lubricants are also required to remove chips by flushing in machining processes.

This results in the basic applications: Cooling, lubrication and transport of chips. As a side effect, the corrosion protection of the machined workpiece is also counted among the positive properties of coolants and lubricants.

Häffner supplies the manufacturers of coolants and lubricants with various alcohol compounds, acid compounds as well as oil containing products and complex formers. Additionally we provide sufficient stability with high quality amines and antioxidants as well as with saturated dicarboxylic acids.

As usual at Häffner, customers can profit from our permanent stock in this area and the possibility of individual packaging.


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