What does PICAR mean? Why do we need chemical products for paints and laqcuers?

PICAR stands for “Paint, Ink, Coatings, Adhesive & Resins”.  At Häffner PICAR describes the delivery program for chemical products, which are mainly used in the paint and lacquer industry as well as in the automotive industry. Here surfaces are processed by chemical reactions or products. Thereby not only a nice colour is created, which makes the product more interesting for the buyer, but the product is also protected against environmental influences (like corrosion).

These are mainly solvents, acids and alkalis as well as fatty alcohols and fatty acids. But also acrylates and other specialty chemicals are part of the PICAR product range.

Häffner supplies these products reliably and according to demand to the automotive and automotive supplier industry as well as to the paint and lacquer industry. Thereby our customers always receive the first-class Häffner service! Our experts are pleased to advise you in detail. You can always be sure to buy best quality chemical products from Häffner – exactly tailored to your application. In addition our customers profit from the experience of our specially trained vehicle fleet or our longtime partners in the distribution of hazardous substances.

Do you have further questions about our PICAR product range? Please contact us! We look forward to getting to know you!