What are paper-textile and leather auxiliaries? What are paper, textile and leather auxiliaries used for?

In many industries, such as the paper, textile and leather industries, chemicals are needed to influence the properties of the materials as desired. Thereby the chemical products often play a decisive role with regard to the product quality of the products. Our PTL product range is precisely tailored to the requirements of the paper-text and leather industry. This includes products such as basic solvents, acids and alkalis but also phosphonates, surfactants and tertiary amines.

As a leading specialist for the marketing and the distribution of acids/alkalis, solvents as well as specialty chemicals, Häffner delivers with a
own network throughout Europe, from Southern Germany chemical products for the paper industry, the textile industry and the leather industry to the whole world. Our customers always benefit from the first-class Häffner service! Our experienced experts will be pleased to advise you in detail. We always offer you the best quality for your products – perfectly tailored to your application! With our own, reliable and experienced fleet of vehicles as well as with long-standing external partners, we deliver where you need the goods, in compliance with the strictest safety regulations.

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