Why does the beverage industrie need chemicals?

The producers of the beverage industry ensure on a daily basis that sufficient high-quality beverage products are available for consumers. The products on offer range from mineral water, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages to food products such as yoghurt, cream cheese and other dairy products.

In the manufacturing processes of these products, chemical additives are needed, for example, for cleaning plants or deposit containers, for waste water treatment and maintenance or for refining the products in the form of high-quality food additives.

Häffner offers a wide range of stored chemical products for producers of the beverage industry and related branches. These we supply to our customers according to demand in quantity, quality, date and packing. So it is possible to order small and large batches – and that packed or even in tank trucks. In addition, we also offer biocidal active ingredients and even final biocidal products for end use.

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