Value added services & digital products pick up speed

Digitalization is progressing!
In times of industry 4.0, digitalization, and technological progress new types of possibilities for services and products arise moving the efficiency level up another gear. Simplifying work steps and optimizing processes. In the chemical industry the potentials are particularly great because this industry is naturallylinked very closely to research, development and technology. Value added services and digital products therefore guarantee to be working in tune with the times and at the highes level. At Häffner GmbH we also act on this premise. Following we would like to show you how we use these potentials in order to make your work as easy as possible.

Warehousing & Value Added Services

In the area of warehouse we always and exclusively act on the legal requirements as well as on the HASCCP guidelines. The storage of wares as well as hazardous materials accordingly happens with the highest possible security, care and reliability. At our plants in D-71672 Marbach and D-71679 Asperg we can offer you the following solutions and services. In the field of storage we will gladly act in accordance with your individual needs.
Having 10 docking stations, 7.000 storage positions and 12.000 m³storage space we also hold enough space in Marbach for bis storage needs. The fully automatic high-bay storagewith oxygen reduction to 13% in combination with the automatic weight monitoring of the palettes guarantees optimal safety precautions.


Asperg – sitting at 17.000 m³ storage space – shows an even bigger capacity. In addition at both locations we can offer you the storing and removing of hazardous goods and materials (solids, liquids), taking care of transport logistics as well contract packaging. Our hazardous goods experts monitorthe proper course on-site.
Our value added Services thereby facilitate the process. We will provide you with support all the way starting at labeling, up to incoming and outgoing goods inspection and finally to the creation of safety data sheets and a many other services.

Automatic filling level control

State-of-the-art measuring and monitoring solutions offer completely new possibilities for automatic tank monitoring – offering tremendous advantages! Thanks to innovative sensor technologies you can telemonitor the filling level. From acids and lyes to solvents and finally upto a wide range of special fluids, you have full transparency over the filling level of your tank inventory at any given time. In real time!

You don´t even need a computer at hand. Our telemetry delivers detailed filling levels comfortably to your laptop, tablet or cell-/ smartphone. As long as you have a web-connected device you will stay informed and do not have to worry about the tank level anymore.
Even without web-connectivity there is no reason to worry. Should the tank level reach a critical low you will be informed via e-mail or text message.

We would love to unwrinkle even the last of your worry lines and can therefore provide you with automatic replenishment deliveries if desired. Feel free to ask us about our VMI – our Vendor Managed Inventory solutions.

In addition our software offers many more advantages. As you will know about the tank level anytime and anywhere order quantities and inventories can be optimized without any problems. Therefore the effort on both ends will be reduced – concerning the receiving department as well as the planning and tranport optimization.

No matter if warehousing, value added services or automatic filling level control, together we will develop working mechanisms that make your daily work routine easier and together we will achieve optimal results. We´ll be happy to provide consulting.

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