The Häffner group expands the product portfolio with raw materials containing iodine

The Häffner -Group expands the product range with internally manufactured raw materials containing iodine!

The Häffner-Group actively start sales operations with raw materials containing iodine which are being manufactured internally for the most part. -In addition we produce various iodine compounds according to our customers´recipes.

The following products are already available by default:

  • Potassium iodide solid as well as potassium idiode solution (var. concentrations)
  • Sodium iodide solid as well as sodium iodide solutions (var. concentrations)
  • Silver iodide solutions in acetone for cloud seeding (var. concentrations)
  • Various preparations of iodide compounds according to customer specifications.

The following products will follow:

  • Elementary iodine
  • Potassium iodate
  • Sodium iodate