Hail-EX: Hail control powered by Häffner

Tornadoes, hurricanes and others are weather phenomena known for their destructive power. However, it is often neglected that hail also falls into this category. Hail can lead to entire crop failures and cause damages in the millions. But while there are only few protective measures against tornadoes, hail can be fought already when it emerges.

And this is how the hail control works
Hail occurs when warm moist air rises, cools down and freezes on natural ice germs such as pollen and dust. In the upper part of the cloud they fall out laterally, are catapulted upwards again by suction and grow steadily. This process is repeated until they fall towards the earth as frozen projectiles. This is exactly the process in which hail control starts.
The principle is simple. The hail flyers ignite generators in the updraft field of the thunderstorm cell. This combustion produces small smoke particles the water can deposit on. The more particles that are produced, the more surface area there is for the water to which it can adhere. This leads to many small hailstones which, when they reach the ground, do not cause any damage, as they are so small that they lack penetrating power. The agent used for combustion is silver iodide – provided by the Häffner GmbH!

Hail-ex – Environmentally friendly hail control
Häffner GmbH has been working successfully with many hail control partners for several years now. Among these partners is, for example, the Hagelabwehr Rosenheim. But it is not only in the Alpine foothills that the specially prepared silver iodide in the form of Hail-EX is used. Also in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, the Black Forest, Rems-Murr-District and many other regions winegrowers and farmers trust in Hail-EX.

Although silver iodide cannot be detected in principle due to the low concentration on the ground, the environmental compatibility of the substances used is the main focus for Häffner GmbH and its customers. With this in mind, we have been a reliable partner and supplier of the required silver iodide in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years. Even a sale everywhere in Europe is no problem for us. The product Hail-EX is 100% “Made in Germany”.

Are you also interested in Hail-EX, the specially prepared and environmentally friendly alternative in controlling hail damages? Then contact us today and feel free to ask! We are happy to inform you.

Hail-EX – and hail damages belong once and for all to the past!

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